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About Turracher Höhe

Turracher Höhe is located on a high plateau in the Nockberge mountains at 1793m above sea level. The village lies right on the border between Styria and Carinthia and boasts 3 lakes and Austria's largest continuous stone pine forest. It is a relatively unknown and unspoilt area of Lower Austria with few British visitors. The resort significantly benefits from less cloud and more sunshine. There is snow for an average of 158 days starting in later October until April and sometimes May. The mountain air is very pure which is ideal for people suffering from allergies as the pollen count is low. The village and mountains offer a mixture of enticing huts and luxury hotel restaurants often sourcing produce locally. There are also a lot of opportuntieis to sunbathe and enjoy the stunning views with a glass in hand!

Nocky Flitzer

The Nocky Flitzer, is an alpine rollercoaster that operates in both the summer and winter. The rollercoaster starts at the top of the Panoramabahn (our nearest lift station) at 2000m and speeds downhill for a mile following the contours of the slope and includes jumps, waves and three spirals. An experience not to be missed!

The Butler

The Turracher Höhe Butler is a special feature of the resort. In the winter season he (or she!) can be found handing out glasses of presecco or raspberry juice and apples/lollipops to the skiers. In the spring locally sourced gelati is also distributed! In the summer he provides guided hikes and also has special butler stations where he can offer support and advice, refreshments and even sun screen.

Nockberge Biosphere Park

This is a strictly protected area to the west of Turracher Höhe covering 84 square miles. It is designed to preserve the Nockberge mountains' unique beauty and natural landscape. Here you can learn about the flora and fauna and traditions and legends of the Nockberge mountains.

Nocky's AlmZeit

Nocky's Almzeit is a family games and adverture park located at the top of the Panoramabahn, next to the Nocky Flitzer. The park invites adults and children to explore the many game stations with "Nocky" the mountain bunny! The park includes climbing, digging and sand and water play and, of course, fantastic views.